roberto amadi PHOTO-manipulations
Roberto AMADI PHOTO-manipulations
Digital manipulation of the photographic image to venture into reality
Sale of diasec printed works in limited edition, photo manipulations with hologram certifications
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roberto amadi PHOTO-manipulations

PHOTO manipulations: digital manipulation of the photographic image as a new form of Art.

Roberto Amadi or rather the exercise, with artistic intentions, of a personal reality principle, child of the digital era, but with solid roots in the analogical world.
Amadi proves its ability to unite creative passion, technology and humanity. His aim is to raise the digital manipulation of the photographic image to overcome the opposition between photography and painting inherited from analogical era.
Looking at his art works, attenuating the prejudices, one participates in a process that allows you new personal insights, unhinging presumed certainties.

The crucial subject of the digital age is the relationship with what is authentic. Just the digital, understood as a new dimension of reality and certainly not as a mere substitute for reality, allows a path that leads to awareness of the concept of authenticity, meant as changing complexity of relations, also made of unpredictability, great uncertainty and mysteries.
In the artistic work of Roberto Amadi digital manipulation of the photographic image becomes a powerful tool to increase the degree of confidence with reality and to investigate the relationship between "digital Self" and "analogical Self". These identities are not mutually exclusive, but they are a set of features that participate jointly to the understanding of reality.

Roberto AMADI (ITALY) partita IVA IT02712410303 Cod. fisc MDARRT62D23F356B

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